Monday, 5 August 2013

Breakfast with MexiGeek: "English" toast with new Luchito salsa

When I was a kid we called this "English toast", though they don't eat it in England.

Basically you fry an egg inside a slice of bread.

First butter one side of the bread.

Then use a small glass to cut a circular hole in the slice of bread.

Now heat about 10g of butter in a frying pan over medium-high. 

Put the bread in unbuttered side down. Crack an egg into the hole and fry for a few minutes.

Season when salt and pepper and put a teaspoon of the new Luchito salsa onto the egg.

Then flip and fry the other side for a couple minutes more.

After the egg is done you'll want to fry the circle you cut out of the as well.

Serve with more Luchito salsa on top.

Of course, growing up we didn't have Luchito salsa, which is too bad, because it's easily one of the best salsas I've ever tasted.

The complexity and balance exceeded even my extremely high expectations for Luchito's products.

I got a jar of this salsa as part of a taste test; it's a band new product not yet on the market.

Luchito are doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise the dosh to bring this salsa out as soon as possible.

There are only eight days left, do click on the link below to donate. Because you really need to try this salsa!