Sunday, 27 January 2013

Breakfast with MexiGeek: egg over easy in homemade salsa verde

I was actually trying to make a coriander (cilantro) vinaigrette, but it ended up more like a salsa.

I took a bunch of coriander (stems and all), a couple cloves of garlic, half a white onion, and a teaspoon of habanero chile paste.

For the acidity I was going use lime juice, but I had a lot of pink citrusy pickling liquid from my pink pickled onions, so I used that instead.

Into the blender it all goes, then check for seasoning.

It doesn't need any lime! And it's really more of a salsa verde! And it's hot as hell from the habanero!


The cool thing is you usually need tomatillos in salsa verde to give it some tartness, but the pickled onions replaced it beautifully.

I LOVE salsa verde!

Now for the rest of my breakfast:

Because I'm out of tortillas, I used a bagel.

And because I was using a bagel, I decided to go for a fried egg rather than scrambled.

I always fry eggs over easy because I don't like "sunny side up".

I'm not actually a very "sunny" guy.

I seasoned the egg with salt, pepper, Mexican oregano, and some surprisingly hot Spanish chile powder I used to make patatas bravas once.

(They were pretty fucking "brav"!)

The egg goes onto a toasted bagel.

Then I fried the salsa a bit, because frying salsa is how you get it to reduce, thicken, and concentrate its flavours in Mexican cooking.

Cover the egg in salsa y provecho: a Mexican-American-Jewish fusion breakfast!