Sunday, 26 May 2013

Breakfast with MexiGeek: egg over-easy on a homemade blue corn tortilla

I'm quite used to blue corn tortillas (though I don't get to eat them much any more), but Mrs MexiGeek's reaction to these reminded me that blue isn't a colour everyone is comfortable with in food.

To Mexican food aficionados, blue corn rocks. It has a very different flavour (and texture) to the white corn used in normal tortillas.

I find it a bit sweeter in an almost floral way (definitely NOT sweet like yellow sweetcorn).

I made these tortillas last night. This morning I took one of the leftovers and fried it lightly on each side.

Then I dropped a few cumin seeds into the hot oil, Indian cuisine style.

Then I fried an egg over-easy, seasoning it with salt, pepper, and epazote.

Then I topped the tortilla with the egg and covered it with chipotle sauce.

The rest of the leftovers will go to make blue corn tortilla chips, which are the epitome of tortilla chips.