Sunday, 12 May 2013

Breakfast with MexiGeek: Salsa de huevos con queso fresco

One of my cookbooks claims this is a traditional Oaxacan dish, but I know it as the way my mother made scrambled eggs for egg burritos.

Basically you fry some leftover salsa on a pan until it just starts to reduce and thicken.

(I used my chipotle and tomato salsa.)

Then you scramble the eggs into the salsa until they're just combined.

I seasoned the eggs with salt,  pepper, and dried epazote.

Then I put the eggs on a fried tortilla, topped with salsa verde and some crumbled up queso fresco from Gringa Dairy, and put it under the grill to let the cheese melt.

When queso fresco melts it "hace hebras" ("makes strings") like mozzarella!

¡Y provecho!

The queso fresco is the perfect complement to the bold, sweet chipotle sauce.

One of the things I love about Mexican cuisine is that there are literally hundreds of ways of preparing eggs, nearly all of which involve chiles.